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Reedie party
Let's have a few fun pics from my Reedie party (yeah, there were some non-Reedies there too, but otherwise it was packed with freaks).

This second picture is one of Mr. Sun (Burns), a good friend of mine who shot the majority of these pictures. Also, me and the wife can't figure out how he did the double-exposure thingy on our camera. Apparently we don't know our cameras own strength.

Had fun with the music mixes for our party. A particularly badass tune I played a couple of times throughout the evening was Amon Tobin's "Sordid" throughout the evening. Very "Fight Club." I felt suave and debonair throughout most of the evening, although that slipped at a couple of points....

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I dunno about Amon Tobin but they say that Amon Ra masturbated the universe into existence. Cool huh?

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