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The tipping point for the Democrats
So I've been waiting eagerly for Bush to break down through the 30s barrier in regards to his approval rating. GO BUSH! GO BUSH! GO BUSH!

He truly is the incredible shrinking president.

I had a conversation with a second cousin of mine and my wife yesterday. He's a long-term San Francisco resident and expressed some pointed frustration with the Democrats. "Why aren't they doing anything? Where's the loyal opposition?"

It's not like our frustration is misplaced. After all, San Francisco remains one of the most liberal cities in the United States, and as it happens, our US House representative happens to be none other than the Honorable Ms. Nancy Pelosi. After reading my posting, please go to her website and yell at her (be nice, but please do raise your voice at her).

So yeah, I'm underwhelmed by the Dems as well, but their silence (frustrating as it may be) serves a deliberate political purpose... it's a direct response to the incredible sophistication and quick response time of the Republican attack machine. The trick is..... DON'T LET THEM CHANGE THE SUBJECT.

What's the subject right now for Americans? Well, a mismanaged (or in my belief, criminal) war of choice, a completely botched response to hurricane Katrina, rampant corruption in both houses of the GOP-dominated congress, absolutely breathtaking deficits and debt (beyond anything the Democrats were able to muster when they controlled Congress)... the subject is these fucking neocon and con idiots that control all branches of government at this point.

One thing that happened this week that illustrates the Democrats' strategy of silence is the whole Patrick Kennedy debacle.

Representative Kennedy may be a hopeless drunk, but he did exactly what he was supposed to after his embarassing episode with crashing his car and being apparently drunk... he got himseldf OFF the front pages as quickly as possible by checking himself into the Mayo Clinic (whatever happened to Betty Ford? Is that just where Hollywood people go? Anyways).

The point is, Kennedy checking himself into rehab so quickly prevents the GOP media hit-machine from changing the subject. GOOD JOB PATRICK!

I was seeing some news yesterday regarding Bush's approval ratings, which is what the point of this post was supposed to be about anyways. He's scraping the bottom 30s at this point, and soon may drop into the 20s. At that point the question becomes how badly will the Republicans lose in November? How pissed off are you?

Poll #724849 Your feeling about the GOP-controlled government.



It's like the milk commercial (got milk)? I think the Democrats should make t-shirts that say that.

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Did you hear that Bush told the Germans he wants to close down Guantanamo? There was no official english language version of the statements, Reuters or something had to translate because it wasn't something that he would really say out loud domestically. Probably because he doesn't mean it. He just needs German suport for the Iran thing is all.

er, "support", Renn Fayre has made for some great typos.

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