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Don't get me wrong. Although I haven't read any of Al's books yet, I'm usually tuning in to his Air America radio show 4-5 times a week.

He's a good guy. Obviously very socially liberal (e.g., hey, he's a Deadhead and former SNL cast member), quick-witted, even-tempered, and creative. Also very nice to people, it seems. I like the guy. Of course, he has his drawbacks. He's annoyingly neoliberal with his economic views (e.g., he's vociferously pro-government-healthcare, i.e., "universal" health coverage), but I give him a pass on that, as I do most Democrat-leaning liberals these days.

To back up for a second - like I say, I like Al Franken. Heck, I like all the Air America Radio folks. I am embarassed to say about 4-5 years back I actually used to listen to right-wing talk radio. I COULDN'T HELP IT. I was working an extremely boring desk-job in Portland, Oregon, processing checks all day long for Wells Fargo Bank. If it wasn't for right-wing radio (interspersed with plenty of NPR, by the way), I wouldn't have made it through those dark temp-agency years immediately after college with my sanity intact.

Besides. There wasn't any "left-wing radio" 4-5 years ago. I just needed voices, people talking, so I could be distracted from my boring temp job.

Anyways, as soon as "Air America" launched, I started listening regularly. As an aside, thanks to Air America Radio (with no small help from our current Maniac-In-Chief), I stopped thinking of myself as a "big-L Libertarian and small-r Republican) long ago. My burning, passionate hatred of this president has made me an Air America fan. I listen to Randi Rhodes from time to time (although she's a bit too angry for me), and sometimes I listen to Ed Schulz, although frankly although he's pretty nice to his guest and is unusual because he doesn't screen his radio calls, he's a tad too moderate and linguini-spined for me.

No, I'm an Al Franken kind of guy. I'm willing to shelve my annoyance whenever Al talks about his economic-liberalism-pipe-dreams like universal health care or the like.

My problem is Al Franken is running for Senate, so I think he's arguing for something stupid regarding our continuously-degenerating War in Iraq. Al Franken is against the US pulling out of Iraq. I think he thinks this is an attractively moderate view.

I understand his views, but don't agree (keep in mind most Americans at this point also disagree with Al as well.

Read an excellent article in the on-line edition of the Brooklyn Rail this morning. Basically, the article is built around a 8-point position piece arguing that the US should withdraw immediately from Iraq and begin encouraging *true* reconstruction and humanitarian aid for the people of Iraq (as well as our own troops), as opposed to the Haliburton & Co. coordinated pillaging and looting that is going on right now.

Here's the list excerpted from the article, I suggest you all check it the full article here.

  1. The U.S. Military Has No Right to Be in Iraq in the First Place.
  2. The United States Is Not Bringing Democracy to Iraq.
  3. The United States Is Not Making the World a Safer Place by Occupying Iraq.
  4. The United States Is Not Preventing Civil War in Iraq.
  5. The United States Is Not Confronting Terrorism by Staying in Iraq.
  6. The United States Is Not Honoring Those Who Died by Continuing the Conflict.
  7. The United States Is Not Rebuilding Iraq.
  8. The United States Is Not Fulfilling Its Obligation to the Iraqi People for the Harm and Suffering It Has Caused.

Pretty unambiguous, and the author of this article completely backs up every point.

We need to stop these neocons in their tracks. Look, I like what the Republicans used to argue for (although it's arguable if they ever did any more than that): small government, local control, freedom, property rights, military isolationism. Instead we have the absolute (pardon my French) FUCKING NIGHTMARE we have today.

Well, gonna get on with my day now. Another beautiful sunny day in San Francisco.

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Re: And, just to make it clear...

Al also isn't really that funny anymore and when he lost me is when he started calling Nixon a good President, because Nixon started up the EPA I think, when, you know, Nixon was in fact less gifted a criminal than most muggers.

Re: And, just to make it clear...

but he opened relations with China!!!

Re: And, just to make it clear...

But China's lead spy Wo Fat was still the big bad guy on Hawaii Five-0 for years afterwards, and no one could catch him because Nixon hadn't given McGarrett the kind of budget you need to chase a midget submarine.

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