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So, some good news to be had. Apparently the Incredible Shrinking President gets more and more Incredible as the weeks inch by. According to the latest Harris Interactive Poll reported on here, Bush's approval ratings have dropped to just 29%.

Even more breaking news - although it only seems to be making its way through the blogosphere and other rumor sites at this point and hasn't quite hit the "mainstream" media outlets, it looks pretty likely that "Bush's Brain" will be amputated soon.

I thought it was funny... the first few times Rove was brought before Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's Grand Jury to be questioned, the right wing talking heads and Administration flunkies all said, "oh, it's just routine. Happens all the time." After the third or fourth time, this sort of pooh-poohing started to sound a little hollow.

By the fifth time Rove was brought before Fitzgerald, it was pretty hard to say this was 'just routine.' About a day or so before the news of the indictment started circulating, I recalled hearing David Brooks , well-known right-wing talking head, confess on the "Jim Lehrer Newshour" that there's just no way to spin it - five visits to the grand jury just wasn't good.

So, yes, now Rove is to be indicted, Bush's ratings are at an all time low, and there are new revelations that the Bush Administration has been amassing a gigantic database of domestic phone calls of Americans.

Unfortunately, us Americans are a somewhat mushbrained lot. Apparently even though we hate our President, more or less, and we don't trust him, we're still apparently willing to give him a pass on this Big Brother thing.

According to a Washington Post - ABC news poll taken shortly after the new NSA revelations began to circulate, apparently a full 63 percent of the American public find these domestic spying activities "acceptable" and 44 percent "strongly approve."



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