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LOND-ON, 2006
Went to London last week. It was pretty cool - went with the wife of course. Beth pretty much planned out most of this trip herself. We stayed in the historic borough of Islington, which was made even cooler by the fact that we didn't rent a hotel or anything, in fact we did what's known as an on-line apartment swap. The website is pretty cool, check it out. We swapped our two-bedroom apartment with a nice young couple, a pair of double-income-no-kids (DINKS for short), two nice gay guys with impeccable flat on White Lion Street, pictured below:

Here's me standing by the town hall, on our first day in Islington: So. It was a great vacation... lots more pics than I can really present here, but some of them are in my gallery. Here's the link.

 SORRY TIRZA. Here, cleaned up the page for you.

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(Deleted comment)
Complain complain! I'm tired and sick, but I'm a clinical psychologist now. That's my PSY number. PSY20829 baby!

Yeah, my LJ post sucks. I was too tired to do it right.

Check out my gallery for now at

Anyways, didn't Beth send you a link to a gallery also?

(Deleted comment)

You psychologists are so fussy.

Hey, Beth says hi.

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