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Just listening to my local AirAmerica affiliate
... and I heard that Bill Frist, that cheese-eating, Lurch-like character who is incompetently running the US Senate, has decided to clear the schedule of all other less-important subjects (like the ever-worsening War in Iraq, the upcoming hurricane season, a nuclear Iran), and debate .... gay marriage. And flag burning.

Apparently the last person to burn the flag in the US was some drunk teenager, apparently. From the Southern US, no less.

It kind of makes me sad to consider the kind of travesty that will be soon be playing itself out on CSPAN and the talking-head news networks. With all that's going on in the world, the Senate has to take a break, bash fags, and make a mockery of the US Constitution all in one go. Glorious.

I think the GOP has got something coming to it soon, and that's going to be a complete takeover of the US Congress by the Democrats in about four short months. Stay tuned.


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