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1/2 hour before a bunch of Reedies & others come over
Yeah, I got my psychology license, and the wife just turned 32, and we're using that as an excuse to feed people lots of food and beer and send them home drunk and happy. Heck, we might even dance with them.

The internet is freaking funny. I just basically invited all of the Reed alumni I could find who happen to be on-line in 2006 on http://www.newcafe.org. That's already generated a little under a half-dozen Reedies at this point, not including me and the wifey. Crazy. Hope we get crazy. You're only young once, and it's hard to say how young I am at this point.... 32, yarg....

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Oh jesus, who showed up from the Conference?

Reet showed up......


Re: Reet showed up......

The behaviorist!

Re: Reet showed up......

....... Then what happened?

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